Eddi's Wholesale Lawn & Garden Catalogue
Catalogue visual identity & layout design (Case study)
Early 2021 I was tasked with designing the 2021 Garden Catalogue for the gardening supply wholesaler I worked for. This required creating a visual identity that aligned with the company, a cover page, covers for the tabs/sections, an editorial layout for house and preferred brands, and simple paginated layouts for all other products.
As always, this project began with researching current design trends and creating moodboards to guide me along with the design process. I went with two different trending themes so there can be a variety of options. After presenting the moodboards and my research to the team I proceeded with creating the first round of concepts.
I developed both out-of-the-box/trendy concepts as well as traditional cover designs. This allowed for more experimental ideas to come forward which inspired the team and made for a great conversation about the visual identity. After presenting over 10 cover concepts to the team, we decided on a direction for the final design.
For the final design of the catalogue we decided the perfect theme for 2021 would be home. This relates to the amount of people that have found comfort in staying home during the pandemic through gardening. I then designed three covers following this theme to choose from and after consulting with the department heads we decided on a final cover design.
Tabs are pages separating each section. They allow for easy navigation and break the catalogue into sections. I was inspired by one of my original cover concepts and our monthly promotions when working on the tabs. Gardening images, illustrations and colour gradient overlays were used in the visual identity for all of our 2021 monthly promotions and marketing materials so using them in the catalogue was the perfect way to show consistency as a company.
This layout required three different templates: one for House and Preferred Brands, and two for Distributed Brands. To create these I reused old layout concepts that we knew work with EasyCalatog Pagination and made adjustments to make a fresh new layout that fits the brand identity of the catalogue.

The House/Preferred Layout contains up to 10 products per page. To highlight the house and preferred brands this layout includes brand logos and descriptions, large product images, and extended product descriptions. The Distributed 1 Layout is a fixed layout with 2 columns x 9 rows and contains 18 products per page. This layout contains all the basic required information of the products. The Distributed 2 Layout is a fixed layout with 2 columns x 16 rows and contains 32 products per page. This layout contains all the basic required information about the products without an image or brand name to save space.
The final design is a friendly but modern design that is appealing to all customers. It is meant to give a feeling of warmth and familiarity. We chose to have it perfect-bound with a soft-touch thick matte front and back cover to make it feel like a book you would have on your shelf at home.

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