An avid baker is looking to open a bakery downtown Vancouver.
The bakery will offer same-day home deliveries and uses local and organic ingredients.

Includes name, logo, overall look and feel of the brand, store design, and packaging design.

In small groups, we came up with possible bakery names that would elude to same-day delivery, organic and local ingredients, and a homemade feel. This resulted in a number of names to choose from that all had differing meanings and design potential.

My favorite names from this list were “Same Day Sweets” and “OvengDoor”. These names are both simple and say exactly what the company specializes in. I chose the name Oven Door because it is clever and refers to all baking instead of just sweets.
Without the arrow it is literally the door of an oven, but with the arrow it means “from our oven to your front door.” I decided to choose whether or not to include the arrow in the process of designing the logo.
Brand Look and Feel:

The name instantly made me think of an industrial, stainless steel oven door, which inspired the whole design of the bakery to be industrial, modern, bold, and androgynous. In my research I originally was inspired by simple, stainless steel kitchens with light gray and black elements but was then drawn to the combination of copper and black and decided it would be a more interesting choice for a bakery.
Logo Design:

When designing the Logo it seemed necessary to include the arrow as it supports the home delivery aspect. This led to trying many different styles of arrows, including an arrow in the shape of a house. To work with the brands overall look and feel, I wanted the logo to be minimal but clever. My original sketches are mostly sans serif and capitalized with many different treatments of the arrow.

Although the arrow looked good in many instances, the idea of making the logo the shape of a front door with the panels of the door being the letters was what I chose to mainly focus on. This way it is eludes to a front door of a house without being too obvious and is an interesting juxtaposition of the words “oven door” on a different kind of door. The challenge then was readability so I tried many different typefaces and spacing until I found the perfect final logo.

Since I chose to not include an arrow in the logo, the home delivery aspect in the bakery name needed to be supported some how so I came up with a tagline: “From our store to your front door”. A handwritten script font contrasts nicely with the bold, minimal logo, and will give the brand a delicate touch that is more reminiscent of a bakery than the logo.

Store Design:

The store features exposed dark brick walls with contrasting white tile on the counters. One wall has the tagline painted in metallic copper on exposed brick. Other features include a chalkboard wall, copper accents, and hanging light bulbs. The store front has black exposed brick and a hanging copper sign with the logo.

The packaging is all black with copper accents and a white logo.

The large box is for large items or large orders of items. All sides are black except the two sides.The tag line is on the front and the contact information is on the back. The logo is on the top of the box.

The small box is for an order of a few items or for medium size items. It is all black with the logo in white and tag line in copper foil. The inside section that pulls out of the box is copper foil lined with black.

The paper bag is for 1-2 small items. It is black with the logo in white on one side and the tag line in copper foil on the other side.
Mobile App:

An important part of the Oven Door experience is the mobile app. On the app the user can
sign in with a user name and password, with Facebook or Google plus. Then they can order their baking through a digital menu and watch the delivery as it makes its way to their front door. If they order items that are not in stock or want large batches of baking, the app will notify the user when the baking is ready and when it is on its way.

Social Media:

The style is very dark and masculine for a bakery. This could confuse customers and make it inaccessible to everyone since the majority of bakeries have a friendly or feminine design. This can be combated through clever marketing and exposure that highlights the brand’s unique identity. The social media campaign will have a dark aesthetic that will show the unique qualities of the bakery.